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“Why don’t we throw as hard as other countries?”

That was the question that set the wheels in motion. It’s not like Australia doesn’t produce athletes – take one look at an Olympic swimming pool, an AFL contest, or a Rugby (either code!) match. So why don’t our baseball players stream through to the highest levels?

For starters, baseball isn’t our national sport so naturally we have a lower volume of athletes to choose from. But, as we surveyed the landscape across Australia, taking our time to speak to players, coaches, parents and scouts, it was clear that there was a genuine need for a national framework that provided consistently great coaching, exceptional educational resources, simple philosophies and leading-edge equipment TO EVERYONE.

With Tyler Anderson embedded as National Pitching Coordinator, the opportunity presented to create pathways for every baseball player. By making available the information and insights used at the highest level to all Australian players in an easily digestible and consistent form, we believe we can increase the talent pool of Australian pitchers and baseball players. Our aim is to provide access to the best baseball information available by partnering with the best baseball minds and companies in the world, the same companies currently working with Major League Baseball organisations and leading collegiate programs throughout the United States. And better yet, we won’t just point you to their websites, we’ll show you how to interact with this information so that it can be truly optimized.


Our resources and expertise cover the critical areas of baseball development: skills, coaching, strength and conditioning and nutrition. Additionally, we’ll provide access and resources that assist rehabilitation, mental skills, media training and biomechanics to name a few.

If all goes to plan, we’ll provide pathways for every baseball player in Australia. No matter the goal - professional, college, state and national team representation or even club ball, Australian Pitching Development will arm you with the tools to maximise your skills sets.

Tyler Anderson in Perth Heat uniform



"The key to development is creating relationships, once a player trusts you and knows you’re in it together, the development process becomes a lot quicker and easier" 


Proving you belong is no easy task at the best of times… proving you belong in a sport that calls itself the “National Pastime”, as a foreigner with a strange accent, is really pushing it! Tyler Anderson accepted the challenge and went about establishing his credentials by consistently upskilling to ensure he was at the leading edge of the current era of pitcher development. Tyler’s passion for teaching and coaching is reflected in his steady rise through the ranks, beginning as a Volunteer Assistant in college baseball and then into professional baseball, first with the Anaheim Angels and currently with the Philadelphia Phillies.

With a wealth of accumulated knowledge and a deep passion for his home country, Tyler had a vision to develop a framework of pitching development that would cascade from the elite level through to grassroots club baseball – in effect, providing elite insights to everyone. By disseminating the latest teachings, insights, equipment and expertise in easily digestible forms, Tyler’s belief is that we can deepen the talent pool and accelerate player development in Australia.


As a founder of Australian Pitching Development, Tyler will be heavily involved in all aspects of pitching, including working with players, coaches across the sport, and parents, to ensure that everyone is empowered to find their pathway.

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